Infrared lamps are particularly adapted in the  semi-conductors industry, because of their controllability and the highest  temperature rise. Besides, the heat can be  focused by the use of reflectors.

DR. FISCHER’s infrared halogen lamps were specially designed for the heating  applications  in the semiconductor industry such as the epitaxy,  chemical vapor deposition (CVD), rapid thermal process (RTP).

These lamps are high power heat sources  and their specifications guarantee a very high stability during all the life time. High concentration of radiant energy is supplied by the infrared lamps, and the full power is reached in just some hundreds of milliseconds after switch-on. The efficiency of the lamp is totally controllable, with immediate regulation of the level of radiation  between 0 and 100 %. It means that the temperature of the  silicon wafer can be exactly modulated in order to match exactly the specifications of the process. The reproducibility of the process is guaranteed by the possibility of delivering every time exactly the same “amount” of heat to the wafer.

Selected products for SEMICONDUCTOR application as follows:

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