Our engineering department  has all the skills in the field of design and improvement of infrared heating systems and special lighting fixtures.
  • CAO (Inventor, NX unigraphics)

Prototype :

This key step of your project can be realized by Dr Fischer. Our metal sheet working units allow us to be very reactive in the design and realisation of your prototypes.

Measures :

  • Photometry :
    • Photometrical measurements in Ulbricht spheres
    • Measurements made under DC current up to 600V and 10KW
    • Luminous flux and color temperature measured at the same time
    • All measured data managed digitally.

Other measurements

  • Temperature measurements (thermocouples, thermal camera IR sensor…)
  • Spectro-radiometry
  • Spatial irradiance mapping (XY measuring bench)
  • Spectral reflectivity & transmission of materials
  • Scan electron microscope
  • Tensile strength measurements
  • Dimensional measurements (3D bench)


  • Lamps life test :
    • Burning racks
    • Burning cycles on/off
    • All positions
    • Digital management of all data.
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