The infrared lamps (PAR or tubular lamps simple or double envelope) are used by the catering professionals to maintain the temperature of food. Ramps of lamps are frequently installed above plates and dishes, which remain hot without food drying,
Lamps are controllable and economic heat sources: 90 % of the energy is transmitted in infrared heat, with a precise control of the efficiency from 0 to 100%. It is a compact heat source, requiring a  very low maintenance. They can be used in the professional catering, in  traditional ovens and in microwaves, to warm up food preparations or to maintain  the temperature of ready-made meal. The full power is reached in just one second and the cooling is fast as well.
These compact heat sources  have a long lifetime and can be cleaned easily.
And thanks to the low pressure of the internal tube, no risks of explosion of the lamp. The safety is essential in the market of the food preparation

Selected products for FOOD INDUSTRY application as follows:

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