DR. FISCHER supplies infrared lamps from 1000K to 3200K, which allow to address most of the needs in the graphic industry: silkscreen printing, ink jet, 3D printing, offset, flexography, pad printing. The infrared lamp allows  faster drying of water-based inks or solvents on various supports, at low or very high speeds according to the specific need of the application. The infrared lamp is the real drying engine of the equipment, and in parallel Dr Fischer supplies patented systems of ceramic reflectors (LRP) that are a kind of “accelerator” of drying, while reducing the energy consumption. Furthermore, this ceramic reflector is self-cleaning and does not degrade over time (contrary to typical solutions such as golden reflector).

Thanks to the quality of its drying, this lamp allowed certain manufacturers (OEM) to increase considerably their speed of impression and, consequently, to propose more efficient and compact machines.

Besides, Dr Fischer also proposes a whole range of UV  mercury lamps, for applications of reprography and offset printing or flexography. Their use is chosen in combination with inks with photoinitiators.

All these high-end technologies are used by the biggest actors in the graphic industry.

Selected products for PRINTING application as follows:

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