See also  sauna application for the particular effects of the perspiration.

The DR. FISCHER Vitae™ lamps have been designed to create well-being. By emitting penetrating infrared rays, it is possible to feel a soft heat which leads to  physical relaxation. Depending on the circumstances, the infrared radiation will produce a muscular relief or a more general sensation of relaxation.

The DR. FISCHER Vitae™ lamp supplies an optimal balance in all the infrared spectrum. The  lamp emission reaches the subcutaneous layer of the skin ( see drawing) where the heat dissipates more effectively. It allows to obtain an effect of more diffuse and more pleasant heating. The balance between the short and medium infrared waves provided by Vitae ™ lamps suits  perfectly  the body heating, thanks to the combination of the heating effect (penetration of short waves in the skin) and the warmth sensation  (obtained thanks to the medium wave to prevent excessive heat exposure. Because of their low color temperature, DR. FISCHER Vitae ™  lamps emit little visible light, even without coating.

Our  Vitae™ range offers a direct physical heating which corresponds perfectly to the characteristics of the skin.

Selected products for HEALTHCARE application as follows:

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