The heating of infrared terrace allows to take advantage of its outside terrace during the coldest periods, and so to extend the summer. Such heaters can also be used in industrial buildings or buildings which gather people for short periods, such as churches, theaters or sport halls for example.
Very easy to install, this technology is also very customer friendly: operated by a simple switch, and the radiation reproduces immediately the effect of sun rays! These lamps warm up the people, not the air. Lamps can also be power-regulated and heaters can be equipped with presence detectors. Contrary to the existing gas solutions, no need of heavy gas bottles which have to be replaced regularly, and no undesired smells!
Heaters are generally equipped with the famous HeLen or Garneta lamps, produced in the French factory of Pont-à-Mousson. These lamps are produced with a special filter which reduces the glare while emitting infrared heat. Only a soft and comfortable orange light will be emitted by the lamp. They are very secure, because they do not produce flame, do not require oxygen and emit no combustion or dust. Many equipments exist on the market, all quite compact and easy to install. The power can vary from 500W to 3000W.
DR. FISCHER proposes mainly the infrared shortwave lamps for this application, but also produce “medium/short wave” and carbon emitters. These three wavelengths are proposed in dimensions from 200 to 700 mm, with a large variety of caps, holders and cables.

Selected products for COMFORT HEATING application as follows:

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